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The Road to... Healthier Skin, Hair and Nails

So I have decided to start a series where I talk about tips to get you in tip top shape from the inside out. Because beauty starts with what you put into your body and not just what you put onto it!

Okay... So all of us have fallen suckers to the wildly enticing claims of the beauty industry...

"Look Younger"                "Stronger nails"
             "Long silky Hair"
And most of us have also found out that no number of lotions and potions can give you the miraculous effects that they state.

What most people looking for answers don't realise is that: healthy hair, skin and nails can be strongly determined by what you are eating more importantly; what you are NOT eating.

Nourishment through food

To start this isn't going to give you instantaneous results but it will be the foundation for healthier skin, hair and nails.

As most people know a balanced diet contributes to a healthier life style as well as a better functioning, happily nourished; body and mind. But deficiencies can also lead to adverse effects causing loss of hair, oily skin, acne, reduction in hair and nail growth, weak nails, prolonged healing of damaged skin and many other not so welcomed symptoms...

Here are four vitamins that, if taken at the recommended daily amount, can prevent the symptoms above and can actually give your hair a kick start to grow as well as making your nails less prone to breakage and skin better at healing! There are also some sources for natural intake if you are not into your dietary supplement tablets! But if you don't like the stuff that contains the vitamins or cannot get hold of it, remember you can purchase supplement tablets from health food stores. Just check the labels!

Vitamin C
The recommended daily amount of vitamin C is 90mg (milligrams) for a man and 75mg for a woman.

Vitamin C contributes to healthy teeth, gums, blood vessels, resistance to infection and most importantly is an antioxidant used for the production of collagen. Collagen is the base for healthy skin, hair and nails, which is why you hear all of the anti aging products claim to be collagen enriched.

Sources: Milligrams Per 100 grams
  1. Papaya 60mg
  2. Strawberries 60mg
  3. Oranges 50mg
  4. Lemons 40mg
  5. Kale 40mg
  6. Cantaloupe Melon 40mg
  7. Cauliflower 40mg
  8. Garlic 31mg
  9. Grapefruit 30mg
  10. Raspberry 30mg
Vitamin B12
The recommended daily amount of vitamin B12 is 2-3µg (micro grams).

Vitamin B12 is needed for the building of proteins (proteins are the main ingredient of the structure of your body's tissues, such as: Skin, Muscles, Hair and Nails), red blood cells and healthy functioning nervous system tissue.

Sources: Micro grams(µg) per 100 Grams

  1. Beef, Liver 83.1µg
  2. Turkey 33.2µg
  3. Raw Pacific Clams 11.3µg
  4. Egg Raw 0.89µg
  5. Whole cows milk 0.45µg

Vitamin A
The recommended daily amount of vitamin A is 600µg-700µg for women and 600µg-900µg for men.

Vitamin A contributes to: New cell growth, healthy skin, hair, tissues and vision in dim light. So yes it is true! Carrots DO help you see in the dark!

Sources: Micro Grams(µg) per 100 Grams

  1. Cod Liver Oil 30000µg
  2. Turkey Liver 8058µg
  3. Carrots 835µg
  4. Broccoli Leaves 800µg
  5. Sweet Potato 709µg
  6. Butter 684µg
  7. Kale 681µg
  8. Spinach 469µg
  9. Cheddar Cheese 265µg
  10. Cantaloupe Melon 169µg

The recommended daily amount of Biotin is 30µg.

Biotin deficiency can cause hair loss, reduction in hair growth and skin regeneration reduction. It also contributes to the synthesis (the combination of/production of new things from) Carbohydrates, fat, amino acids, and proteins.

Sources: Micro Grams(µg) per unit of measure stated

  1. A Cooked Egg 25µg
  2. 3oz of Liver 3µg
  3. 3oz of Cooked Pork 2µg
  4. 3oz of Cooked Salmon 4µg

My Recent Purchases

Recently I have purchased a few products that are full of vitamins and good for your hair!
Holland and Barrett Vitamin C with Rose Hips and Holland and Barrett Hair Food. Together both supplements contain the majority of vitamins needed for healthier hair, skin and nails. Samy Fat Hair Shampoo (sulphate and paraben free)and This One; Light Hair Oil (with Jojoba oil) are both products for the exterior of your hair and the reason for their brilliance is listed in the tips below.

General Tips Some will be familiar...

1. AVOID Sulphates and Parabens in shampoos and products in general. Sulphates strip your skin and hair of its naturally produced oil (which is used to keep hair and skin healthy) and can damage open follicles causing inflammation. Sulphates produce the lather in most shampoos but sulphate free ones may just take a little longer to lather. Parabens are preservatives that have been linked with cancer, although it doesn't increase the risk that greatly, Why take the risk?

2. Do not wash your hair every day! The natural oil on your scalp if left will eventually cleanse your hair enough that you do not need to wash it! Admittedly for the oil to start cleansing the hair it will take 6-10weeks of not washing it at all! Which is why I tend to wash my hair every couple of days, it gives the oil a chance to be brushed to my ends without having to be a grease monkey! 

3. Use Coconut oil and Jojoba oil to nourish the ends of your hair. They can also be used as an all over mask for when your hair needs an extra boost. The natural oil your scalp produces is the best oil for your hair (of course!) as it sinks into the hair shaft more than any other can. BUT Coconut and Jojoba oil have similar molecular structures to the oil your hair produces making them able to sink into your hair quite effectively... End result is smoother hair with reduced breakage.

4.Reduce the heat you use on your hair and when you do use heat, use a protector! This will dramatically reduce the amount of split ends that occur in your hair. Blow drying is the worst offender, let your hair air dry for once!

5. Get all the split and dead ends cut off your hair before you start your journey to health! Split end eventually break off, this can leave your hair straggly as well as making the hair unable to grow, because it grows out one and breaks off the other!

Well I hope this was helpful for everyone! A lot of books were analysed for this! It seems to be working wonders for me :)

Hope you enjoyed,
Speak soon my pretties ;)


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