Thursday, 13 June 2013


Freddy the Finch 
(Green Finch)

On a sunny Saturday afternoon a very unfortunate event lead to me meeting this little guy!
Poor little chap had flown head first into one of the windows of my house, thinking he could get through to the window/french doors at the other side :(
Admittedly this is not the first time a poor hapless bird has flown into our window BUT we have had window stickers up for about 10years and since we put them up this is the only one that has hit the window.

When a bird hits a window a few things can happen to it; 
1. Depending on the speed of hit the bird can severely damage their beak and the soft tissue behind it.
2. Broken bones in the wings, feet, legs and toes, can occur from the hit or the fall afterwards. A broken neck is the worst case scenario from the initial collision.
3. Concussion, making the bird confused and subdued.
4. Mild- Severe Brain damage. A few days after the accident if a bird has not recognised that it should be scared of you or made any attempt to fly or walk, this is very likely.

The best thing to do is put them in a nice warm box with a towel (out of direct sunlight to avoid dehydration), leave them food + water and then check on them as much as possible to recognise any recovery. If you can't look after them or are about to go on holiday for example, You can always call the RSPCA.

As the RSPCA is a charity for cruelty to animals you can imagine how busy they are! We could not look after Freddy, he was eating and drinking but we think he may have had brain damage as he was as tame as a pet! So we called the on the day of the accident and he was collected by an RSPCA officer the following morning. They do an absolutely fantastic job and I donate to them already through my work, I highly recommend you do it too as they appreciate it so much and run on public donations! :)

Our little Freddy was lucky that he didn't come to much physical harm, and we wish him a speedy recovery! :)

I'd love to hear your stories! Take care my pretties :)


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