Thursday, 13 June 2013


Freddy the Finch 
(Green Finch)

On a sunny Saturday afternoon a very unfortunate event lead to me meeting this little guy!
Poor little chap had flown head first into one of the windows of my house, thinking he could get through to the window/french doors at the other side :(
Admittedly this is not the first time a poor hapless bird has flown into our window BUT we have had window stickers up for about 10years and since we put them up this is the only one that has hit the window.

When a bird hits a window a few things can happen to it; 
1. Depending on the speed of hit the bird can severely damage their beak and the soft tissue behind it.
2. Broken bones in the wings, feet, legs and toes, can occur from the hit or the fall afterwards. A broken neck is the worst case scenario from the initial collision.
3. Concussion, making the bird confused and subdued.
4. Mild- Severe Brain damage. A few days after the accident if a bird has not recognised that it should be scared of you or made any attempt to fly or walk, this is very likely.

The best thing to do is put them in a nice warm box with a towel (out of direct sunlight to avoid dehydration), leave them food + water and then check on them as much as possible to recognise any recovery. If you can't look after them or are about to go on holiday for example, You can always call the RSPCA.

As the RSPCA is a charity for cruelty to animals you can imagine how busy they are! We could not look after Freddy, he was eating and drinking but we think he may have had brain damage as he was as tame as a pet! So we called the on the day of the accident and he was collected by an RSPCA officer the following morning. They do an absolutely fantastic job and I donate to them already through my work, I highly recommend you do it too as they appreciate it so much and run on public donations! :)

Our little Freddy was lucky that he didn't come to much physical harm, and we wish him a speedy recovery! :)

I'd love to hear your stories! Take care my pretties :)

Saturday, 1 June 2013


Fun in the Gardens of Reading

The university of Reading has the most beautiful surroundings!! 
Having a partner that lives there means I get to visit quite a lot... There is so much to see!

If you are like me; a complete tree hugger :P and love a good stroll, it is perfect for it! You can get so easily lost in the tranquility of its gardens.. and wonder through the woods in a magical stupor. 
If you choose a day like the one we chose for our walk, then you are in for a treat, the air is so fresh and the surroundings are so lush and green! Plus you have a beautiful lake with a few secret little bridges buried in the woods!

 I hope you enjoyed the photos as much as I enjoyed taking them!! Stay happy and go adventuring guys!
Speak soon my pretties ;) 

Monday, 20 May 2013


Explore The Blue Bell Woods

I had a lovely day exploring a woods with my grandmother and my cousins today. Helping out and spending time with family always puts a big smile on my face!
And who isn't more beautiful with a wonderful smile!!

Go out everyone and just enjoy what has sprung in spring while its around! In England right now Blue Bells are flourishing, so in the next 10days they may all be gone! 
This is near where I live! But a wonderful place in England to visit this time of year is The Forest Of Dean. :)
It is utterly amazing!

Grab those walking boots and wellies guys!!!

Tell me, when was the last time you went exploring?
Speak soon my Pretties ;)

Thursday, 2 May 2013


Summer tricks well all year round ones really!

1. Sun Cream coverage! 

For people who are a bit to afraid to go naked faced in the summer... There is a holy solution!! Get your concealer and mix a small amount of it into a cream textured sun cream, then apply it like moisturiser. Unlike foundation (in my opinion) concealer and moisturiser blend very well together, like best buddies! By blending sun cream and concealer together you create a sort of tinted moisturiser, giving you some coverage.
If you are looking for staying power try a waterproof concealer, and you will be fool proof even after that dip in the pool!

You should be drinking 2 litres of water a day! Maybe more in hot weather! It does wonders for your skin and just keeps that precious bod' of yours working as it should be! Try carrying a large litre water bottle with you, you should have finished one of these by the time you reach the middle of your day... Then fill it up and start over :) Obviously if you get thirsty on top of what you are drinking, Drink some more!

3. The Magic wand!
Say you find the most perfect water proof mascara formula in all of history...No Clumbs... No flakes...Stays on like a beast...BUT... It has the most inconvenient and unusable brush you could possibly imagine. Not to worry! What I do is save and wash brushes from old mascaras that you have thought were really good. You can disinfect them etc. if you feel that is necessary.
Then when the time comes that you have purchased a mascara with a useless want, you can just take the one in it out and pop in one you'd prefer...Easy Peasy! 
Plus the clean and not in use mascara wands can be used as spooly brushes(eyebrow brushes)to get those brows in order! :)

I hope some of those tips have been useful! More summer stuff on the way! Its finally starting to feel like summer!! :D
Speak soon my pretties ;)

Wednesday, 24 April 2013


Busy Busy Month!

Wow! its been a busy month, Illness, Birthday, work and shenanigans! 
It's been a hectic... like a lot of people I have been struck with illness over the last month; Feverish and vile! No one likes to be ill and I wouldn't bestow it upon anyone. :(
Luckily I managed to get well the day before my Birthday :) Thank goodness...
My wonderful man friend gave me a surprise party and I have never felt so shocked in my life! Unfortunately though I don't have any pictures to show! And for most of my celebrations before my Birthday I was too ill to even dream of being photographed!

After some wonderful gifts and a bit of fuss in my direction; I felt utterly spoilt! A night out to take advantage of my new found 18 was done in moderation and I couldn't have had a better time!

Thank You Everyone! I am so grateful for everything people do for me and appreciate it more than anyone can ever know! :D 

I am back on the scene now after that hectic month! And as summer is coming up and the holidays abroad are on the horizon there will be more on that!

Speak soon my pretties! ;)